From time to time we all need a little motivation to help us achieve our best.  If you’re currently looking for inspiration then you don’t really need to look any further than the incredible Chloë McCardel.  Chloë, pictured here with SwimMastery co-founder Tracey Bauman has recently broken the world record for the most number of Channel swims by a female swimmer racking up an incredible 44 crossings.  This undoubtedly makes her the greatest ever cross Channel swimmer.

Or does it?

An article recently published online shows that there is more than on contender for this crown.  It makes for fascinating reading

Who is the “greatest channel swimmer” of them all? – Swimming the English Channel (

Ultimately I guess the argument is somewhat academic.  There is no denying that the achievements of everyone mentioned is truly awesome.  At SwimMastery we would like to congratulate Chloe in particular though.  If we can’t draw inspiration from her amazing performances then who can we use?

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