Emma Levy

Emma Levy

  • SwimMastery Advanced Coach
Location:   Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Email:   [email protected]
Company:  Edinburgh Swim Studio
Website:   https://www.edinburghswimstudio.com/
Phone:   +44 (0) 7468 428520
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About Emma Levy

I don’t remember a time when I didn’t swim. Through my childhood and teens, my routine was set by training on weekdays and competing at the weekend, representing my club and county.  Later, I took up triathlon, and while I relished the new challenges of running and cycling, it was always in the water that I felt at home.  Multiple injuries led me to give up all 3 sports, until my doctor advised me to swim for the sake of my mental health.  In 2009 I discovered a whole new way of swimming and began the process of relearning, with Tracey Baumann helping me to overcome 30 years’ habit and to establish new movement patterns.  In 2015 I trained as a coach, of all 4 strokes.

Over the years I have learned that my skills lie in supporting others to achieve their goals.  I first used those skills in teaching English language overseas, then in training and facilitating leadership and management development, organisational change, and process improvement.  As a swim coach I love constantly learning, both formally and from other coaches and with every swimmer that I coach.  I have always been inspired by my childhood club coach, Jane Asher, a model of longevity athleticism, who also demonstrated as a coach the importance of taking into account individual differences in psychology.

Everyone is unique in what they bring to swimming, physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I seek to identify the unique characteristics of each individual I work with, and draw on a range of approaches, including the principles and methods of Anatomy in MotionTM, and Reflex Integration Training, to select activities in and out of the water to help them experience improved access to the desired movement pattern, and then integrate the movement into their swimming.  I also use my skills as an Improvement Advisor to help swimmers to take a systematic approach to improving, whether this is about building water confidence or making the best use of data.

I mostly coach in my Endless Pool, and offer separate movement coaching sessions on dry land.  When it isn’t possible for clients to travel to me, I can offer remote coaching with online video (if you have access to a pool), as well as dry land sessions.

I aim to share with people of all ages and abilities my joy in being a swimmer, to guide and inspire people to pursue and achieve their swimming goals.


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