Françoise Oberer

Françoise Oberer

  • SwimMastery Coach
  • Freelance at Swim Arts
Location:   Basel, Switzerland
Email:   [email protected]
Phone:   +41 61 461 60 89



About Françoise Oberer​

I have started swimming more than 40 years ago with a technique taught at that time. About five years ago, I was taught by a wonderful coach with a new, smooth, and enhancing swimming technique, particularly gentle and comfortable for the musculo-skeletal system. Having an injured shoulder, for me it was like a rebirth in swimming, as with this very special technique I do swim without any pain. The fascination for this specific swimming technique made me become a coach in 2017. However, improving and refining my own technique is an ongoing. Mental inputs, helping me to perform my movements also in a meditative way, are very important to me whilst swimming. Therefore, my personal favourite aspects in swimming are full awareness and meditative feeling whilst gliding smoothly and gently through the water. The development of a strong body awareness is key in training to improve on a daily basis.

My approach to coaching is influenced by adapting my teaching to your personal goals, requests and wishes. Activating your body awareness regarding the movements and results for your technique and speed will be an exciting challenge for you. My overall goal as a coach is to support you and your swimming to reach the point you can feel a deviation from the correct movements and how to revise them yourself. My strength as a coach is to make you aware of your swimming movements and position in the water. Ultimately you will learn to notice the needs for improvement by feeling your body in water.

In order to be able to pay attention carefully on each swimmer in a focused way, I prefer one to one instructing and no more than three people at once. I am also specialized to guide people fearful of water and struggling with immersion, by supporting them in finding confidence in themselves and the water.

People of all age groups (children, adults and seniors) interested in learning the fundamental skills in swimming are welcome and I can instruct in German, English and French.

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