Jacquie Donoghue

Jacquie Donoghue

  • SwimMastery Advanced Coach
  • Fundamental
  • Jacquie D Swimming
Location:   Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Website:  jacquiedswimming.co.uk
Email:   [email protected]
Phone:   +44 777 990 0368
Facebook:  Jacquie D. Swimming
Instagram:  jacquiedswimming

About Jacquie Donoghue

I have always loved swimming and was a competitive swimmer, lifeguard and club coach in my late teens- early twenties. Later on, having a child and working part time as fitness instructor left me little time to swim.

I returned to swimming when my husband started triathlons back in 2014. I joined him in the pool and then we both started going to Emma Levy in Edinburgh for swim coaching.

We also started open water swimming, which I’ve grown to love, particularly sea swimming around the beautiful coast of North East Scotland.

I went on to become a swim coach in 2018, furthering my swim training with Swim Mastery (Fundamentals and Advanced) and the STA Open Water Coaches qualification, both in 2021.

I love the variety of pool swim coaching, each client comes to the pool with their own skills, issues, fears and goals. It’s such an interesting job working out how each person is utilising their body to move through the water and how they can learn to improve or change these movements.

Open Water Coaching allows me to help people experience swimming outside for the first time in a safe, supportive environment plus help the more experienced swimmers reach their goals.

I coach in the lovely, warm, quiet pool at the Warehouse Health Club in the centre of Aberdeen and offer Open Water coaching at Knockburn Loch, near Banchory.

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