Jamee Small

Jamee Small

  • SwimMastery Coach
Location:   Portland and Salem, Oregon USA
Email:   [email protected]
Website:   mediterraswim.com
Phone:   +1 971 645 3918
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About Jamee Small

I started competitive swimming during grade school in 1993 and continued through high school, around 2003 . After years of the traditional ‘go harder’ approach to training I felt worn out. Though I was working harder I wasn’t going any faster, and eventually lost enjoyment of the water from the monotony of lap-after-lap.

For a period, I left the water to pursue different athletics and activities – such as ballroom dance, running, yoga. Several years later, in 2011 I was introduced to Mediterra’s manner of swimming and method of training which inspired and revived my love for structured swimming.

When I began retraining my mind and body, I had to carefully over-ride old habits that favored power-over-precision, and hard-over-smooth. Developing fluid communication between mind and body was perhaps the most challenging aspect. I immediately discovered that a more mindful swimmer with a more balanced, more streamlined body moves so much easier through the water and thus with a great deal more pleasure.

Although I have an extensive background in teaching and coaching for various other skills and industries, I started coaching swimming in 2016, first in a thorough apprenticeship under Coach Mat Hudson (Founder of Mediterra International and Co-founder of Swim Mastery). I welcome all new and seasoned swimmer to my practice, though I have since developed a specialty with fearful and new swimmers.

My coaching approach is driven by a passion for attuning to the whole person, being present and sharing in the experience of each swimmer as we learn and discover each person’s unique relationship with the water and his/her/their own body. Those with challenging puzzles, aches, pains and or injuries to overcome are greatly welcome. With a compassionate, patient, and a gentle approach, it is my joy to help guide the best course for each swimmer’s personal goals.

I partner with Coach Mat Hudson at Mediterra International in Oregon, USA, where we conduct local lessons, group training events, and our adult swim club. We team up with other colleagues to lead training events and swim camps around the world, where beautiful water can be found.


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