Judy Bromley

Judy Bromley

  • SwimMastery Coach
Location:  Shropshire, UK
Email:   [email protected]
Phone:   +44 757 687 1022

With me you will learn to swim better than you ever thought possible with far less effort. You’ll be able to swim on and on and on…. !

Receive hands-on, individualized instruction at a private training location.


About Judy Bromley

I have enjoyed endurance sports and different water sports over the last 30 years and have had an especially deep love of swimming in open water situations all over the world.

In 2017 I came across a totally different way to view swimming and acquired the belief and confidence that I could truly master this. Up to then, like many, I had accepted the belief that I was not going to be able to swim more than a couple of lengths before feeling exhausted, so it was amazing to realise this did not have to be the case for me, or anyone. The following year, to test my new skills, I successfully swam from Asia to Europe across the Bosphorous channel, a distance of 6.5km in 1 hour 31 mins.

In 2020 I was pleased to become a SwimMastery Fundamental Skills Coach, joining this international community of like-minded teachers and swimmers in the pursuit of mastery and the art of learning.

My 23 years of dentistry background has actually given me many transferable skills – I am able to encourage fearful or anxious people to experience something they never thought they would be capable of. I can guide people into a peaceful relationship with their body moving through water. My professional training gave me a good understanding of physiology and how the body works so I really enjoy showing swimmers how to practice movements that are going to complement and not damage joints and muscles.

I particularly enjoy the aspects of swimming learnt through SwimMastery that focus on core stability and streamlining as they perfectly complement other popular disciplines such as Pilates and Yoga both of which I love.

My passion is to allow swimmers to follow the same journey that I have done and I particularly enjoy working with older swimmers, and those with the doubts about their ability to learn, to coordinate their body parts, to become fit enough, to breathe, to avoid sinking, etc. I know they can and pass that confidence on. I love to show them how to swim in a relaxed, mindful and beautiful way.

‘Swim-On’, my company, offers hands on individual lessons in a small pool, as well as a new mindset on swimming. Whether you want to learn the art of effortless freestyle from scratch or you wish to improve your technique to be able to swim further with ease, I can guide you to this goal.

We also team up with other SwimMastery colleagues from all over the world to take part in swim camps abroad where beautiful water can be found.


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