Kim Kemp

Kim Kemp

  • SwimMastery Coach
  • Swim School Instructor
  • Fundamental Freestyle
Location:   Emsworth, Hampshire , United Kingdom
Email:   [email protected]
Company:  Swim Maison
Phone:   +44 (0) 7754 913439



About Kim Kemp

I have been a swim coach for almost 9 years and have worked with swimmers of all ages and abilities. Many of my clients have gone on to achieve amazing results and personal goals; phobics who are now confidently swimming in open water, athletes achieving incredible PB’s at IronMan level, successful swims in Lake Windermere, the English Channel and other long distance/endurance swims. I have loved being a part of their journey.

I was a keen junior club swimmer and came back to swimming after a career in banking only to find that I was experiencing the problems shared by many; exhaustion even from swimming short distances! I quickly understood that the issue was not fitness related, but to do with my technique.  By implementing the principles of Total Immersion under the watchful eyes of Tracey Baumann I quickly transformed my swimming and decided to share my new found success with others by becoming a coach. I worked as Total Immersion coach for over 8 years.

My desire to improve both my own swimming and my impact as a coach has more recently led me to embrace the principles of SwimMastery; once again with Tracey Baumann as my mentor, teacher and business partner at our swim studio in Emsworth, Hampshire. SwimMastery principles of teaching and learning enables faster and easier progression on the path to more efficient and effective movement through the water.

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