Mat Hudson

Mat Hudson

  • Co-Founder of SwimMastery
  • Senior Coach
  • Coach Instructor
Location:   Portland and Salem, Oregon USA
Phone:   +1.971.720.5911
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About Mat Hudson

I began as a competitive swimmer in high school over 30 years ago, and then evolved into an Olympic-distance triathlete in my college years. I withdrew from racing due to injury and continued swimming and rock climbing as my main activities. Improving my health-span became my main value for training. Flowing out of rock climbing, my passion for mindful, technique-oriented swim training emerged in 2001, and from that positive experience a similar passion in for safer, stronger running form followed some years later. I am now focused on long-distance open water swimming and long-distance trail running.

From 2009 onward I focused full-time on swim coaching, and following that, teaching new coaches and eventually, started applying the same principles in run coaching as well. I am currently working on a Masters of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology through the University Of East London.

I have an insatiable interest in the physics, physiology and psychology behind moving, learning, training, performing and behind wellness in general. I particularly welcome students who present more challenging puzzles to work on, whether physical, mental, or neurological.  My approach to coaching is heavily influenced by the sensibilities of physio and psychological therapists. You can expect me to be present, to be attuned to your whole person, and offer compassion and intuitive guidance for your particular needs.

I love to work with adults, especially older adults and seniors who appreciate the need for better movement patterns and have the patience to work on it – including those who have aches, pains and injury to overcome. I have a particularly gentle and effective way of guiding fearful and anxious people into more a peaceful relationship with the water and with their own body. I have a deep knowledge of principle-based training methods for advanced performance goals.

My company is called Mediterra International (a.k.a. Mediterra Swim) including another partner coach in Oregon USA, where we conduct local lessons, group training events, and our adult swim club. We team up with other colleagues to lead training events and swim camps around the world, where beautiful water can be found.

Along with Tracey Baumann, I am a co-founder of SwimMastery and one of our primary Coach Instructors.

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