Pam Adams

Pam Adams

  • SwimMastery Advanced Coach
Location:   Egham and Leeds (West Yorkshire), UK
Email:   [email protected]
Company:  Improve Your Swim
Phone:   +44 7885472013



About Pam Adams

Pam is a full-time swim coach whom enjoys teaching a wide variety of swimmers, from club swimmers, triathletes, open water, leisure, phobics, adults and children.

She has taught swimming since 2010 alongside her other passion for coaching martial arts for 26 years. Following the path of continuous improvement, qualified in anatomy in motion and reflex integration therapy allows her to understand the body, allowing swimmers to benefit from safe, effective movements.

Pam has closely shadowed and taught alongside Tracey Baumann the co-founder of SwimMastery . She often travels all over the world working with coaches and swimmers. Whilst not travelling Pam coaches from swim studios in Egham (near Windsor UK) and Leeds (West Yorkshire) . Pam also has experience coaching all four

“I believe that all swimmers can improve with the knowledge and passion of a good coach, and a good coach can always learn more from each swimmer. The journey is an exciting one when you have the empowerment of knowledge and great people to inspire you.”

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