Pavel Dagorov

Pavel Dagorov

  • SwimMastery Coach
  • Freelance at Swim Arts
Location:   Basel, Switzerland
Email:   [email protected]
Phone:   +41 78 689 11 68



About Pavel Dagorov

I started swimming as a kid at the local swimming club. In my late teens, I realised that I didn’t really like competitive swimming, yet I found myself highly attracted to the open water. At some point, I took courage and started swimming long distances and simply loved it. The distances became so long that I had to do something about my technique to get my swimming as effortless and efficient as possible. I first encountered Total immersion and it was a great start to the improvement I sought. I was fortunate to get on a development track that has led me all the way to SwimMastery. This has been such a breath of fresh air that it has greatly shaped my outlook on coaching. It has awakened a passion to impart some of the wonderful experiences I have had to others.

My first swim coach has since become my life partner! She showed me that coaching can be equally rewarding for the coach and the swimmer. And how the rapport that develops between the two can help so much in getting information across that otherwise could be blocked by ego.

Having this deep personal interest in long distance open water swimming, I enjoy taking swimmers to the point where they are able to swim for hours in the open water without tiring but rather experiencing an exhilarating effortlessness. One can be an absolute novice with a burning desire to learn to swim or a seasoned triathlete that hasn’t clicked with the water yet.

I am glad to work with those who want to pursue great challenges, such as long distance swimming (like myself), and those who are interested in preparing for competition against others.

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