Phil Stocker

Phil Stocker

  • SwimMastery Coach
  • Fundamental Freestyle
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Location:  Wraysbury, Surrey, United Kingdom
Email:   [email protected]


About Phil Stocker

I came to swimming relatively late in life. Although I have always led an active lifestyle it was not until my late 40’s that I started to learn to swim properly. In many ways my journey was largely unplanned. I had rashly decided to enter a triathlon event and only once I started to train for it did I discover (rather to my surprise) that I could barely make it to the other end of a 25m pool. At that point, and quite by chance, I met SwimMastery co-founder Tracey Baumann who was holding a coaching session in the same pool when it was dawning on me that I wasn’t going to complete my event with my current skill level. I was immediately bitten by the swimming bug and signed up for lessons with Tracey. Within four years she took me from a point where one length of a pool was a struggle to completing a swim the length of Lake Windermere, a distance of over ten miles. With Tracey’s encouragement I decided to take my swimming to the next logical level and qualify as a coach.

I am fascinated by the methodology of teaching and how the smallest of changes can have a massive impact on a swimmers’ stroke. No two swimmers are alike and it is fascinating to see how something which works well for one person has little effect on the next student. The type of instructions given, the way they are conveyed and the time spent on each one can vary enormously. I regard myself, not as an instructor handing down a rigid set of rules, but as a conduit for information, helping the swimmer to discover for themselves new and more efficient movement patterns leading to improvements in their stroke. The relationship is a partnership and I am always learning from my students as much as I hope I am teaching them.

I love helping new and less confident swimmers to improve their technique and take delight in seeing how they are able to make quite rapid progress and come to regard swimming as something to be enjoyed rather than a battle to be overcome.  As long as the student has an open mind and a willingness to practice then great things can be achieved with relative ease!

As well as coaching, I am a regular contributor to the blog on the SwimMastery website covering a wide range of topics often with an aim to stimulate the readers own thoughts and opinions.

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