Robert Milne

Robert Milne

  • Advanced Coach
Location:   Edinburgh & Scottish Borders, United Kingdom
Email:   [email protected]
Company:  Transition Swimming
Phone:   +44 7876 475530
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About Robert Milne

Being in the water is my favourite thing. As a child I swam competitively, training two hours every morning before school and most evenings until I lost interest around fourteen. I spent the next twenty years doing a lot of judo and adventure sports before getting into triathlons, which led me back to swimming again.  Since then I’ve just loved being in the pool, training with local masters and triathlon clubs.

I also discovered the joy of open water swimming, swimming all seasons in local lochs and reservoirs for more than ten years. I have completed many endurance events and have swam in some beautiful places around the world. For the last five years I’ve been a convert to skins swimming (no wetsuit, only trunks) and l love to embrace the cold water. After a long career in IT, sitting in front of a computer screen, I decided to become a swim coach and help others experience the joy of swimming.

Whether you’re a beginner, looking to hone your skills or training for a big event, I’m here to provide you with structured lessons to get you quickly feeling confident and swimming more effectively in the pool or open water. My classes offer the exciting opportunity to play, train and experience the water like a master. Whatever your mood, there’s nothing that a swim outside can’t fix!

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