Tracey Baumann

Tracey Baumann

  • Co-Founder of SwimMastery
  • Senior Coach
  • Coach Instructor
Location:  Windsor, London, UK
Email:   [email protected]



About Tracey Baumann

I was born and raised in Zimbabwe and was a competitive swimmer during my school years, so swimming has been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I began swimming coaching over 20 years ago, starting with the standard National teaching programme and coaching children and adults, both privately and in groups. I came across Total Immersion in 2002 and began transforming my own swimming using the ideas and principles. I then went through the Total Immersion coach training program and opened my own Endless Pools swim studio. I had many opportunities in my early days as a Total Immersion coach to assist at workshops all over the UK.

I then was very fortunate to meet Terry Laughlin early in 2012 which led to me training as a coach trainer and having many opportunities to run coach training courses all over the world, often with Terry. During these years of running coach training programs, working with and learning from coaches, and then becoming a member of staff of the company, I discovered my true passion.

Having now taught swimmers of all abilities, ages and with a wide array of goals in mind I have been lucky to witness some incredible journeys through the years. From someone swimming their first lap after starting out as a phobic, to the club swimmers receiving personal bests in all four strokes, to successful Channel swims, Gibraltar Strait, round Jersey, Jersey to France, the North Channel and many more. I am very excited to be working with two swimmers who will be swimming round Manhattan this year.

Along with Mat Hudson, I am a co-founder of SwimMastery and one of our primary Coach Instructors.

Training and mentoring coaches is so rewarding. To be able to be part of the coach’s journey and to watch them develop into incredible coaches and learn from them has helped me become the coach I am today. I look forward to that journey continuing on through SwimMastery.


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