Advanced Skills Coach Training

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Starting 1 November, 2021 / Advanced Skills Coach Training with 7 online sessions

Our Training Approach

We equip coaches with principles and skills from a wide range of complementary realms of knowledge to be able to solve a greater range of problems and satisfy a greater range of swimmer needs.

Continuing on from our first level training experience, go farther in developing principle-based advanced technique and coaching skills. We are preparing our coaches to handle more complex and extraordinary needs among swimmers of all kinds, and to be equipped to serve them over a longer period of time.

We look into relevant principles of physics, anatomy and physiology, neuro-biology, motor learning and psychology. In addition to what you may have already, you will gain a much larger toolbox of diagnostics and solutions to a wider range of human swimmer in a wider range of situations. By internalizing and working from these principles, you are in a much better position to work efficiently with common needs and to more intuitively find solutions to unusual ones.

Advanced Skills Coach Training Description

Participants in our Advanced Skills Coach Training program will acquire a solid, principle-based understanding, skills and the confidence to teach the advanced skills of swimming and basic metrics for improvement with particular emphasis on the anatomy and mechanics of the freestyle stroke. Participants will learn to design a series of customized practices to develop their swimmers’ skill and fitness together in a way that fits them as individuals.

Those who successfully complete this course are invited to become SwimMastery Advanced Coach members with its benefits, privileges and responsibilities.

The main segment of this program is taught in a live, on-site, 4 full-day training course, in a small group setting with SwimMastery Coach Trainers. Each full day is composed of classroom and pool teaching sessions. The course includes some online study modules before the course and during, with topics not covered in detail during the live training course.

There is the possibility of fulfilling this training program through an on-site apprenticeship arranged with one of the Coach Trainers. This would be at the discretion of the Coach Trainer.

Advanced Skills Training Topics

These are the main topics covered in the course:

  • Advanced Stroke Skills for Freestyle
    • Catch and Hold
    • 2 Beat Leg Press
    • Synchronization
  • Training with Stroke Count
  • Training with Tempo
  • Designing a Series of Practices (combining technique and fitness development principles)


Professional Development Courses

Coach Members have access to additional professional development opportunities for:

  • Data-Guided Coaching
  • Team Teaching
  • Working with Fearful, Phobic Students
  • Improving the Coach-Client Relationship

The price for this training event is approximately $1100 to $1300 USD. The price will vary according to the expenses associated with the location where the training will be held.

See the event landing page for the specific price for that event, or contact the course instructor.

Schedule for Live Course

This is the approximate schedule of activities. The actual schedule may vary from location to location according to the availability of rental times in the facility.

Because of the early start time and the evening finish time, please plan to arrive the day before and depart the day after the 4-day training period.


Day 1
  • 9:00 – Introduction, Class Session #1A
  • 11:00 – Pool Session #1A
  • 14:00 – Class Session #1B
  • 15:30 – Pool Session #1B
  • 17:30 – Finish for the evening
Day 2
  • 8:30 – Class Session #2A
  • 10:00 – Pool Session #2A
  • 13:30 – Class Session #2B
  • 15:00 – Pool Session #2B
  • 17:00 – Class Session #2C
  • 18:00 – Finish for the evening
Day 3
  • 8:30 – Class Session #3A
  • 10:00 – Pool Session #3A
  • 13:30 – Class Session #3B
  • 15:00 – Pool Session #3B
  • 17:00 – Class Session #3C
  • 18:00 – Finish for the evening
Day 4
  • 8:30 – Class Session #4A
  • 10:00 – Pool Session #4A
  • 13:30 – Class Session #4B
  • 15:00 – Pool Session #4B
  • 17:00 – Class Session #4C
  • 18:00 – Finish for the evening
Application Process

This is the sequence for the application process:

Step 1

Become a SwimMastery Coach Member (after successfully completing the Fundamental Skills Coach Training course).

Step 2

Create a video analysis video file with annotation (voice and drawings) to analyze your own skills in the catch, the 2 beat leg action, and in synchronization skills, as you understand them to be. Prepare a download link for this file. 

Step 3

Prepare a 3-paragraph essay to describe your current understanding of the catch, the 2 beat leg action, and advanced synchronization. Prepare one paragraph for each of the three topics. Save this essay into a PDF file. Include your name in the file name.

Step 4

Fill out the Advanced Skills Coach Training Application, and insert your essay PDF and video file download link. You will only be able to submit the application with these files attached.


Step 5

Await response on your application from the Coach Instructor.

Step 6

Fill out your application and submit for Fundamental Skills Coach Training, including the link to the download of your video audition, and uploading a PDF copy of your completed Coach Candidate Application Assignment.

Step 7

Upon acceptance into the course, make your payment. You may view our Payment Options.

Step 8

Complete 3 in-pool practice assignments before attending the first session of the training. You will be pointed to the assignments in the member zone of the website upon approval and payment. 

Step 9

Attend your chosen coach training event, all sessions, whether scheduled live or online. (For live sessions, plan to arrive one day early and depart after the final session, or stay one more night. Late arrival and early departure will be discouraged.)

Step 10

Upon successful completion of your coach training event, you may elect, but are not required to upgrade your subscription to an SwimMastery Advanced Coach Member.

All SwimMastery Coach Memberships require agreement to the terms in the SwimMastery Coach Member Agreement. With your agreement and a current subscription coach membership will have access to the resources and benefits associated with that level, including the permission to use the SwimMastery trademark name and logo in association with yourself or your activities.

Included with the Live Course

During your live 4-day coach training experience you will receive:

  • Access to the classroom, locker rooms and aquatic area of the facility hosting our training event
  • Approximately 30 hours of live instruction and guidance with your Coach Trainer, including up to 8 pool sessions and 12 class sessions
  • Advanced Skills Coach Training Manual
  • SwimMastery silicon swim cap


Upon successful completion of the course you will receive:

  • Certificate of completion of this course


Upon agreement to become a SwimMastery Advanced Coach you will receive:

  • Upgrade to SwimMastery Advanced Coach Membership
  • Access to the Advanced Skills coaching and business resources on the SwimMastery website
Not Included in the Live Course

During your live 4-day coach training experience we will NOT provide your lodging, your food and drinks, and your transportation to the event and to the training facility each day.

You will need to arrange your own lodging. You may make a reservation at the lodging we recommend, or you may arrange something else.

You will need to provide for your own food and drinks before, during and after the training activities each day. We intend to provide hospitality service during our classroom times, but we do not guarantee this.

You will need to arrange your own transportation to the event, and to the training facility each day of the event. We will try to help facilitate attendees connecting with one another before the event and share transportation.

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