Fundamental Skills Coach Training Agreement

for participants in SwimMastery’s Coach Training event.

Agreement Terms

This is the agreement we present between SwimMastery and you, for your attendance in this training event.


The SwimMastery Vision

We have created SwimMastery out of a dream…

  • to gather insight and teach skills from the wider realms of knowledge to make more effective swim coaches,
  • to be a part of a safe, supportive and inspiring community of like-minded colleagues, and
  • to treat our colleagues in the ways we want to be treated- with mutual trust, respect, and good-will.


The SwimMastery Mission

The mission for this community is to help one another become better coaches, build stronger businesses, and become more masterful practitioners. Our agreement is meant to promote and protect that mission.


Our Intent For This Event

In exchange for your time and fee, our intention for this training event is to give to you a comprehensive package of knowledge and skills that you can immediately turn around and begin using, with no other financial obligation to SwimMastery – just as you would do after receiving training at other professional education and development courses.


Use Your New Knowledge And Skills

You may freely use the knowledge and skills you have received. Upon successfully completing this training event, you may advertise that you have successfully complete this training event, and studied these particular topics with us. You may promote yourself with this knowledge and these skills.


Posting Of Content

SwimMastery is drawing from publicly and commercially available realms of knowledge and we are creating new knowledge. These materials, both ours and those we study from other sources, may be subject to various intellectual property, trademark, and copyright laws. Both SwimMastery and you are obligated to respect the law and ethical concerns about using the content from original sources, seek permission to use where restricted, and give proper citation for the sources. Of all we pass on to you, we will differentiate between what we’ve created and what we have gathered from other specialists. We ask you to agree to practice the same.

Can you agree to that? If yes, you may click the box in the application before you submit. This agreement is required in order to proceed with your application and attend training. 


Would You Like To Join SwimMastery?

If you would like to go farther and join our organization as a member coach, then this would involve:

  1. Successfully complete this training event
  2. Agree to the SwimMastery Coach Member Agreement
  3. Become a monthly subscriber to our community at your current coach level, and maintain this subscription


Benefits Of Membership

There are many advantages that this membership would offer you:

  • Permission to advertise that you are a ‘certified’ SwimMastery Coach, of the level corresponding to your certification with our organization
  • Permission to use the SwimMastery brand name and logo on your promotional products
  • Ongoing access to (a growing library of) knowledge corresponding to your coaching level – including in depth articles in our library, topical discussions in our forum, regular live and recorded webinars, video tutorials, and more
  • Ongoing access to (a growing library of) business-building knowledge
  • Participate in a coach collective for promotion of your services and events
  • Receive a full listing on our coach directory page and a personal bio page
  • Receive a platform to list of your live events on our event directory page and an individual landing page (limitations apply)
  • Access to our collective (member coach) mailing list for advertising and promotion (limitations apply)
  • Ongoing access to our exclusive member coach forums and swimmer forums
  • Access to our shop to sell your swimming-related products, while you keep complete ownership of those products
  • Access to services (for additional fee) to help you create your products


Responsibilities Of Member Coaches

In exchange for these benefits you would take on these responsibilities:

  • Maintain your monthly member coach subscription to SwimMastery
  • Work with our management team to reach out to your mailing list to invite them to join our collective SwimMastery mailing list
  • Uphold our collective SwimMastery core values and reputation
  • Participate in ongoing continuing professional development, in a wide variety of ways
  • Demonstrate professional courtesy toward member coaches
  • Contribute to our collective knowledge network for member coaches and for member swimmers
  • Follow the laws that govern your business and coaching practice in the areas you operate
  • Follow our guidelines in handling conflicts among members

These are elaborated upon in more detail on the Guidelines And Policies For Member Coaches page.

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