Fundamental Skills Coach Training

Upcoming Training Opportunities

August 2022

Online sessions: August 15, 16, 18, 19, 23 and 25

In-pool sessions: in planning

January 2023

Online sessions: to be announced

In-pool sessions: to be announced

Our Training Approach

We equip coaches with principles and skills from a wide range of complementary realms of knowledge to be able to solve a greater range of problems and satisfy a greater range of swimmer needs.

From our level training experience and continuing onward, rather than giving you prescribed methods or recipes you must follow, we teach you principle-based coaching from the beginning – we introduce you to the concepts and skills from a wider range of relevant realms of knowledge, so that you can step into a teaching situation and recognize what is common, what is unique and have a more insightful understanding of where to start and where to go with this student. This is a much more personal, adaptive approach to coaching, and it allows you to customize your approach to each student, and your unique setting.

We look into relevant principles of physics, anatomy and physiology, neuro-biology, motor learning and psychology. In addition to what you may have already, you will gain a much larger toolbox of diagnostics and solutions to a wider range of human swimmer in a wider range of situations. By internalizing and working from these principles, you are in a much better position to develop your own recipes to handle more diverse needs, or skillfully modify recipes you’ve acquired already.

Fundamental Skills Coach Training Description

Participants in our Fundamental Skills Coach Training program will acquire a solid, principle-based understanding, skills and the confidence to teach the fundamental skills of swimming and basic metrics for improvement with particular emphasis on the anatomy and mechanics of the freestyle stroke. Participants will learn to conduct video analysis, and provide lesson design and practice design services.

Those who successfully complete this course are invited to become SwimMastery Fundamental Skills Coach Membership with its benefits, privileges and responsibilities.

The main segment of this program is taught in a live, on-site, 5 full-day training course, in a small group setting with SwimMastery Coach Trainers. Each full day is composed of classroom and pool teaching sessions. The course includes some online study modules before the course and during, with topics not covered in detail during the live training course.

There is the possibility of fulfilling this training program through an on-site apprenticeship arranged with one of the Coach Trainers. This would be at the discretion of the Coach Trainer.

Fundamental Skills Training Topics

These are the main topics covered in the course:

  • Fundamental Skills for Freestyle
    • Build The Frame
    • Form Streamline Shape
    • Generate Forward Momentum
    • Make First Connections
    • Integrated Breathing
  • Video Analysis
  • Joint Mechanics
  • Reflex Integration
  • Lesson Design
  • Practice Design
  • Deep Practice Principles
  • Motor Learning
  • Attention Training


Professional Development Courses

Coach Members have access to additional professional development opportunities for:

  • Other Strokes (Backstroke, Breatstroke, Butterfly)
  • Childrens Learn-To-Swim
  • Seniors Learn-To-Swim

The price for this training event is approximately $1200 to $1550 USD. The price will vary according to the expenses associated with the location where the training will be held.

See the event landing page for the specific price for that event, or contact the course instructor.

Typical Course Schedule

This is the approximate schedule of activities. The actual schedule may vary from event to event.

Over 2 weeks, during the weekdays, five online sessions will be scheduled, approximately 3 hours each, with a short break in the middle.

There will be two, approximately 1-hour theory lecture videos to watch prior to two of these sessions. (The topics and order of the online sessions will be announced to you the week before your course starts).

Within 2 weeks following the online sessions, on a weekend, usually Friday to Sunday, the 3-day in-person in-pool training part of the course will be offered. This in-pool part of the course involves more video analysis practice and two pool sessions per day, and on the final day, you will demonstrate SwimMastery teaching skills with an actual swim student, in two pool sessions. 


Application Process

This is the sequence for the application process:

Step 1

Become an Affiliate Member of SwimMastery.

Log in, and visit and get acquainted with the Affiliate Member Library sections of the SwimMastery website.

Step 2

Complete the written Coach Candidate Application Assignment  found in the Affiliate Member Library. (You must be an Affiliate member and logged in to view that link).

Step 3

Prepare a Video Audition of your stroke: a series of videos demonstrating your freestyle stroke skills, following instructions in the Video Audition Instructions topic found in the Affiliate Member Library. (You must be an Affiliate member and logged in to view that link).

Step 4

Review the  Coach and Instructor Training Agreement to make sure the terms are agreeable to you. This will describe the conditions of your training and what you may do with the knowledge and skills you receive.

Review the Swim Mastery Member Agreement. This will describe the conditions of your membership and receiving the responsibilities and privileges of being a SwimMastery Coach Member.

Step 5

Choose which coach training event you would like to attend. On your application you will indicate which location you would like to attend, or note that you are ‘Undecided’ about location, or note that you have made an arrangement with a Coach Trainer to start a formal apprenticeship process.

Step 6

Fill out your application and submit for Fundamental Skills Coach Training. On the application form you will include the link to the download of your video audition, and upload a PDF copy of your completed Coach Candidate Application Assignment.

Step 7

Await your acceptance letter and invitation to attend the coach training event from a Coach Trainer, by email.

Step 8

Upon acceptance, respond to the Coach Trainer by email, to confirm your intent to attend the coach training event.

Step 9

Attend your chosen coach training event, all sessions, whether scheduled live or online. (For live sessions, plan to arrive one day early and depart after the final session, or stay one more night. Late arrival and early departure will be discouraged.)

Step 10

Upon successful completion of your coach training event, you may choose but are not required to become a SwimMastery Coach Member. If you would like to remain an Affiliate Member, according to the terms of the training event, you are permitted to use your new knowledge and skills in your own coaching practice, but not use the SwimMastery trademark name or logo in association with yourself or your activities.

If you would like to become a SwimMastery Coach Member, you will be asked to agree to the terms of the SwimMastery Coach Member Agreement. If you agree to those terms, your membership will be upgraded to the SwimMastery Coach Membership and will have access to the resources and benefits associated with that level, including the permission to use the SwimMastery trademark name and logo in association with yourself or your activities and to list your bio and your events on the SwimMastery website.

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