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Swim School Instructor Training Description

Participants in our Swim School Instructor Training program will acquire a solid, principle-based understanding as well as the skills and confidence to teach children ages 3 to 16 how to swim well. Level 1 instructor training covers the fundamental skills of water safety and swimming in all four stroke styles. Level 2 instructor training covers the advanced skills, including competitive and open water skills in Level 2. Participants will learn to lead lessons and assess students progress along 9 skill proficiency levels.

Those who successfully complete this course will be granted the title of SwimMastery Swim School Instructor for 2 years, at Level 1 or Level 2 according to their training.

Both Level 1 and Level 2 versions of this course are taught in a live, on-site, 4 full-day training course, in a small group setting with SwimMastery Instructor Trainers. Each full day is composed of 2 classroom and 2 pool training sessions. The course includes some online study modules before the course and during the in-person training.

There is the possibility of fulfilling this training program through an on-site apprenticeship arranged with one of the Instructor Trainers. This would be at the discretion of the Instructor Trainer.

Instructor Training Topics

These are the main topics covered in the Level 1course:

  • Basic Water Safey Skills
  • Fundamental Skills for
    • Freestyle
    • Breaststroke
    • Backstroke
    • Butterfly
  • Basic Pool Skills


These are the main topics covered in the Level 2 course:

  • Advanced Water Safety Skills
  • Advanced Skills for
    • Freestyle
    • Breaststroke
    • Backstroke
    • Butterfly
  • Competitive Swimming Skills
  • Basic Open Water Skills

The price for the Swim School Instructor Training course Level 1 (in UK) is £450 GBP.

The price for the Swim School Instructor Training course Level 2 (in UK) is £350 GBP.

Schedule for Live Course

This is the approximate schedule of activities. The actual schedule may vary from location to location according to the availability of lane times in the facility.

The approximate schedule for each day, 4 full days:
  • 9:00 – Class Session
  • 11:00 – Pool Session
  • 14:00 – Class Session
  • 15:30 – Pool Session
  • 17:30 – Finish for the evening


    Application Process

    This is the sequence for the application process:

    Step 1

    Review the Swim School Instructor Training Agreement to make sure the terms are agreeable to you. This will describe the conditions of your training and what you may do with the knowledge and skills you receive.

    Step 2

    Choose which instructor training event you would like to attend. On your application you will indicate which location you would like to attend, or note that you are ‘Undecided’ about location, or note that you have made an arrangement with a Coach Trainer to start a formal apprenticeship process.

    Step 3

    Fill out the Swim School Instructor Training application and submit.

    Step 4

    Await your acceptance letter and invitation to attend the coach training event from an Instructor Trainer, by email.

    Step 5

    Upon acceptance, respond to the Instructor Trainer by email, to confirm your intent to attend the coach training event.

    Step 6

    Attend your chosen coach training event, all sessions, whether scheduled live or online.

    Step 7

    Upon successful completion of your instructor training event, you may consider applying for the next level of Swim School Instructor Training or applying for SwimMastery Fundamental Skills Coach Training, which would introduce you to the principles, skills and knowledge to provide extraordinary customized freestyle lessons to adult individuals learning to swim or seeking stroke improvement. This training includes an introduction to swimming anatomy, motor learning, attention training and personalized lesson design.

    Included in the Course

    During your live instructor training experience you will receive:

    • Access to the classroom, locker rooms and aquatic area of the facility hosting our training event
    • Approximately 30 hours of live instruction and guidance with your Instructor Trainer, including up to 8 class sessions and 8 pool sessions
    • Swim School Instructor Training Manual
    • SwimMastery Instructor silicon swim cap


    Upon completion you will receive:

    • A dated certificate of completion
    • A listing on our SwimMastery SwimSchool Instructor Directory
    • An invitation to subscribe to our online community of coaches and instructors to participate in monthly webinars and access additional instructor resources – £60 GBP per year.
    Not Included in the Live Course

    During your live instructor training experience we will NOT provide your lodging, your food and drinks, and your transportation to the event and to the training facility each day.

    You will need to arrange your own lodging. You may make a reservation at the lodging we recommend, or you may arrange something else.

    You will need to provide for your own food and drinks before, during and after the training activities each day. We intend to provide hospitality service during our classroom times, but we do not guarantee this.

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