SwimMastery Member Agreement

For all coach and instructor levels in the SwimMastery Community

Agreement Terms

This is the agreement SwimMastery, LLC has with you, a member coach or instructor (the Member) in the SwimMastery community (the Community).



The SwimMastery Vision

We have created the SwimMastery Community out of a dream…

  • to gather insight and teach skills from the wider realms of knowledge to help our members be more effective swim coaches and more profitable businesses,
  • to be a part of a safe, supportive, and inspiring community of like-minded colleagues, and
  • to treat our colleagues in the ways we want to be treated- with mutual trust, respect, and goodwill.


The SwimMastery Mission

The mission of this Community is to help one another become better coaches and instructors, build stronger businesses, and become more masterful swimmers. Our agreement with you, the Member, is meant to promote and protect that mission.

SwimMastery is where coaches, instructors, and swimmers thrive!


Your Relationship to SwimMastery

The Community is a membership community with a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription fee paid by each Member according to each member’s level of training. You are a subscribing Member of The Community, not an owner, agent, franchisee, or employee of SwimMastery.  Members are not authorized to act as an agent or representative of SwimMastery nor bind SwimMastery, LLC to any agreement, contract or purchase.

There is the possibility that Members could be hired for a short period of time to staff a SwimMastery directed event. In this case, you would be hired, by agreement, as an independent contractor to SwimMastery for that particular event.

Your relationship with the Community has been made by your successful completion of your SwimMastery training course and by maintaining your subscription membership. This relationship is not transferable to another person, or to a business you own, or to a business you are employed by. Your company or employer can advertise its association with SwimMastery as long as you are a SwimMastery member in good standing, and remain active in the business, and are primarily responsible for the swim coaching activities of that business. In other words, the SwimMastery membership stays attached to you and only to your activities.​


Maintaining Qualification or Renewal

Your qualification as a SwimMastery Coach or Instructor expires within 2 years from the completion date of your course because SwimMastery courses, methods, and materials are intended to undergo periodic changes and improvements. There are two ways to renew this qualification: 1) maintain a continuous Member subscription and participate in the required number of continuing professional development (CPD) activities for your level within those 2 years where you will be kept current with changes, or 2) retake the training course corresponding to your level again within 2 years.

Use of the SwimMastery Logo and Name

While you are a current, subscribing Member in good standing, you may use the SwimMastery logo and brand name for advertising your services and activities related to the training you have received from SwimMastery.

You may change the colors on the logo but please do not change the design, shape, or proportions of the logo. The logo may be used without the name and the name may be used without the logo. When the name is used together in the same image as the logo, please do not change the font or shape of the name.

You may use the SwimMastery logo and brand name on your website to indicate that you are a member of the community. Please use the brand name in a way that makes it clear and unambiguous that SwimMastery is a completely separate entity from your business – this is for a wide variety of legal and tax purposes. Please do not use ‘SwimMastery’, ‘Swim Mastery’, or similar versions or derivatives of these in your business name or URL or social media addresses so that the distinction between SwimMastery and your company remains as clear as possible.

You may call your event a ‘SwimMastery [camp/workshop/clinic/school]’ if you are the one who is actually performing or leading the swim coaching activities, you are truly providing services in accordance with the training you’ve received with SwimMastery, and you are upholding the values of the community.


Handling of Content

SwimMastery is creating, compiling, and presenting intellectual property (IP) to you in this training course. We are extending trust that you will use this information with respect to SwimMastery’s IP for your benefit as an instructor and for your students, and will not copy or publish this information in any other format without explicit permission from SwimMastery.

SwimMastery is drawing from publicly and commercially available realms of knowledge and we are creating new knowledge (IP). These materials, both ours and those we study from other sources may be subject to various intellectual property, trademark, and copyright laws. Both SwimMastery and you are obligated to respect the law and ethical concerns about using the content from original sources, to seek permission to use where restricted, and to give proper citations for the sources.


SwimMastery Branded Products

You may make products with the SwimMastery logo and brand name for personal use and to give to clients at no cost, but you may not sell these items without a prior written agreement with SwimMastery.  If you have an idea for a commercial product that would be mutually beneficial, please contact us to discuss it. The Company would be open to that.


Term of Agreement

The term of this agreement is concurrent with your subscription as a SwimMastery Member. When your subscription ends, this agreement ends.


Changes to the Agreement

The SwimMastery management team is working to improve the design of this agreement in accordance with our mission. The terms of this agreement may be changed by the SwimMastery management team at any time. The current agreement will be posted on the website, accessible to all current subscribing members, and notices of changes will be announced to those members. Your constructive feedback is welcome.


Termination of this Agreement

You may terminate your participation in this agreement at any time. You may terminate by canceling your subscription through your account on the website. You may terminate by notifying the SwimMastery management team by email or written letter and request termination. In this case, SwimMastery will acknowledge receipt of your email or written letter and will initiate the cancellation of your subscription within 2 business days of that acknowledgment, as soon as possible.

SwimMastery reserves the right to terminate this agreement with you at any time and cancel your subscription. It is the intent of the SwimMastery management team to contact you if we learn of a problem that could threaten your good standing in the community, so we may learn from you what is going on and see if there is the possibility of correcting the perception of a problem or the possibility of correcting the problem and restoring your good standing.

The main reasons for termination would be for violations of our Guidelines And Policies For Member Coaches page.

Do you consent to this agreement?

Your consent to this agreement is required in order to proceed with your subscription.

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