Application Assignment: Common Errors Essay

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      Fundamental Skills Coach Training Application

      Application Assignment: Common Errors Essay



      With the knowledge and understanding you have right now, write an essay, over 500 words, up to 3 pages long, on these topics:

      Identify 3 common errors in the freestyle stroke that you observe among swimmers.

      Explain why each of these are errors and explain what would the correct or ideal pattern be.

      Explain why people tend to commonly make these errors.

      For each, if you were to approach someone with this error, describe how you would explain or persuade them why it should be different and what cues would you offer to make an improvement for each, taking that part of their stroke closer to the ideal.

      Save your file as a PDF document and name it:

      [Your Name] Candidate Coach Application Assignment.pdf

      Upload this pdf document on your application.

      Please then fill in the Application Form

      - Admin SwimMastery

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      Kate Harvey

      Melissa and I completed this assignment together, this is how we work when approaching any of our swimming.

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      Mat Hudson

      Hi Kate. Thanks for submitting this. I will save it to my files and delete it from here to protect the privacy of your application (normally this would be uploaded to the application but I know you had a run around with that). I look forward to meeting you two!

      - Coach Mat

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