COVID-19 Update

Affecting SwimMastery Activities

In light of the global pandemic and the regional responses to it, we will post updates here on our status with regard to our coach training events, swim camps, and other activities.


Updated: 11 December, 2020

Coach Training

For the months of December and January, we will be hosting all coach training activities online. We hope to transition back to hybrid online and in-person training in the spring.

We are keeping an attentive eye on global developments and will follow the authoritative instructions for citizens and businesses.


Swim Camps for 2021

We are scheduling our international open water swim camps are for this year!

See our Event Directory page for more information.


Lessons with a SwimMastery Coach

Many of our member coaches are now offering live services, under the safety rules and guidance of their region. See our Coach Directory page to find them. 

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