COVID-19 Update

Affecting SwimMastery Activities

In light of the global pandemic and the regional responses to it, we will post updates here on our status with regard to our coach training events, swim camps, and other activities.

Updated: May 23, 2020

Coach Training

We will not be hosting live coach training activities for the months of April, May or June. We are keeping an attentive eye on global developments and will follow the authoritative instructions for citizens and businesses.

However, we are moving some of our coach training activities to online, those that are suitable to online discussion and individual study.


Swim Camps in May, June

At this moment, our swim camps in May are cancelled, and June camps may likely be also.

Our plan is to wait until mid-April and reassess the situation and make a decision to carry on with camp or to cancel.


Swim Camps in September, October

At this time, these camps are still on the schedule and OPEN for registration. We are keeping our plans and preparations in place to resume our activities and our celebration of life, if and when the global threat reduces enough.

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