Payment Options

For SwimMastery’s Training Events

There are three main ways you can make a payment for your training event to SwimMastery.

Bank transfers can be made in GBP, EURO and USD. Credit card payments will be charged in USD. Typically, for each event, we state a fixed price in each currency according to the exchange rate at the time of the price decision. You will pay the amount according to the currency you will pay in.

Please view the event information you received to know the payment amount you need to enter.

If in doubt about the price, contact us to clarify. We base currency equivalence on the ‘mid-market rate’ calculated by on the day of payment.

Transfers in GBP British Pounds

Account holder:  SwimMastery LLC

Account number:  49464288

IBAN (to receive GBP from UK only):  GB86 TRWI 2314 7049 4642 88

UK sort code:  23-14-70

Address:  TransferWise, 56 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JJ, United Kingdom


Transfers in EU Euros

Account holder:  SwimMastery LLC

IBAN:  BE15 9670 5072 7730


Address:  TransferWise Europe SA, Avenue Marnix 13-17, Brussels, 1000, Belgium


Transfers in USD American Dollars

Account holder:  SwimMastery LLC

Account number:  822000174764

Wire transfer number:  026073008

Bank code (SWIFT/BIC):  CMFGUS33

Routing number (ACH or ABA):  026073150

Address:  TransferWise, 19 W 24th Street, New York, 10010, United States

You may make a quick payment in USD by credit card to SwimMastery using the payment form below.

Quick Payment Form

This form allows you to make a quick payment for an event with credit card for any amount you choose.
Name of Participant(Required)
Briefly describe what event or service this payment is for.

Payment Information

Billing Address
Use the address associated with your credit card


You may request an electronic invoice from SwimMastery to pay in USD by credit card. Send your request to for an electronic invoice to…

[email protected]

Please note which event you intend to make a payment for.

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