A Mastery-Oriented Community of Coaches And Swimmers

SwimMastery is our international community of coaches and swimmers dedicated to continual education, skill improvement and mastery.

We are bringing you up-to-date solutions from physics, physiology, biomechanics, motor learning and psychology.

We are continually updating our understanding and practice, to teach safer, stronger, more efficient form and training methods, appropriate for one’s body and personal goals.

For member coaches SwimMastery provides…

  • Progressive coach education and support
  • Business-building education and support
  • Support for creating training products
  • A collective marketing effort and platform
  • A collaborative community of like-minded colleagues


For member swimmers SwimMastery provides…

  • A source of sound, safe, appropriate training information
  • Access to a trained, skilled, trustworthy community of coaches
  • Training products suitable to your individual needs
  • An international community with similar values and practice
  • An international array of trusted training opportunities


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